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Daniel's Life - A Brief Journey

Daniel at the age of three


Born: February 26th, 1963 at 3:01 PM

I was the forth and final child of Richard Lee Koger and Dorothy Lucille (Davidson) Koger, both deceased.  My parents and my three siblings were living in Vaughn Washington at the time of my birth.  This was short lived and we had moved to Oregon before the next school year had started.

The move was caused by my Father's success causing concern in his boss.  My Father was moved and his boss took over all of his customers.  Dad was still successful and managed to create a fairly good following in Oregon.

The early years in Corvallis

Daniel at the age of three

I was awful young in Corvallis, but there are a few memories that have managed to stay embedded in the gray matter over the years.  We lived in a couple of houses while in Oregon.  One on Roosevelt and one on 14th place.  I went back while visiting my sister to drive through the neighborhood.

Now it is in the middle of the Corvallis suburbs surrounded by moderately older housing.  When we moved there in the earlier to mid 60s it was new construction and vacant lots.  We lived on the edge of town with rolling empty hills behind us.

Kindergarten through 6th grade

Elementary School Teachers

Mrs. Stevens 1st Grade

Mrs. Bothwell - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Lustie - 3rd Grade

Mr. Frieheit - 4th Grade

Mrs. Case - 5th Grade

Mr. Greetham - 6th Grade



Church life